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Our formal adventure to Loving Earth began during a long-weekend retreat with our daughters at Jane’s family cottage. The world was still (and is still) off its axis from the insanity that is “lock-down,” and we started to imagine what kind of future we wanted when the dust settled.

There, by the lake and surrounded by hundred-year-old-trees, we realized we wanted to be closer to the land. As a lifestyle, not a vacation.

The “unformal” story began decades ago. We each learned about gardening in our separate homes (and for almost two decades with the span of an entire continent separating us). To be fair, Jane comes from good Ontario farm stock, so she has innate knowing about some things that I (Lisa) have to research and learn by trial-and-error. We’ve both been growing vegetables and herbs in our kitchen gardens. I’ve dabbled in fruit growing and have a few native baby nut trees I’m coaxing along. Jane true love is flowers. We both lose track of time when we’re digging in the dirt.

But that weekend, we felt an urgency to reconnect with Nature in a powerful way. And we wanted to find a way to share the experience with other people. Based on our backgrounds and interests, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we decided create body and home care products.

We knew we wanted to create products that honour the earth and that are easily absorbed back into the earth when we’re done with them – because they came from the earth.

They came from the earth.

The Earth is such a generous giver. She gives us flowers and trees and food and shelter and sanctuary. If a person did that for us, we would feel secure and loved. It isn’t too much of a stretch for us to interpret Earth’s bounty as an expression of love, too.

And in honouring the earth with non-toxic, fully-biodegradable products and cutting down on consumption of precious resources, we are loving Her back.

So, in our relationship with Earth, the “loving” reciprocal.

As we continue on our journey, we hope you’ll come to see Earth as loving, too – and want to join us in the loving Her back part.

Until next time,

Lisa and Jane

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