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Renewal through rewilding

You may remember a fearless version of your once-upon-a-time self who fearlessly pushed boundaries and was powerfully imaginative, magically creative, and shamelessly confident. Over time, you may have lost her. Have you started to sense that it’s time to find her again? (Continue reading…)

Resolution solutions: all year long

When Alice asked which way she should go, the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale pointed out that the choices you make “depend a good deal on where you want to get to.” Do you have a clear vision of your destination for the year ahead? (Continue reading…)

The guide to timeless beauty

The privilege of growing older comes with some compromises, including having an exterior that may not match what we’d like to see in the mirror. Instead of throwing in the nonabrasive, organic cotton towel, there are simple strategies you can use to support your timeless beauty. (Continue reading…)

Self-care: what’s in a name?

Shakespeare suggested that roses would smell sweet no matter what they were called. The idea, of course, is that the name of a thing doesn’t change its essence. When it comes to the word “self-care,” however, all bets are off. (Continue reading…)

Sun exposure: before +After

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy—or it should be. Here are some simple strategies to enjoy the sunshine and keep your skin safe and beautiful. (Continue reading…)

getting clean can be a dirty business

According to the watchdog Environmental Working Group, you’ve likely applied approximately 120 unique ingredients onto your skin—and most of these haven’t been tested for safety. While no one suggests you shun your morning shower, it is possible to stay fresh as a daisy—naturally. (Continue reading…)

help your hands survive winter

Your hands have a rough go of it. With dehydration caused by chilling winds and frigid outdoor air combined with artificially warmed indoor air, it’s no wonder they can get dry and cracked, and look like they’ve aged 10 years as soon as winter rolls around. (Continue reading…)

pretty healthy: Toxins in your products

Whether or not you enjoy wearing cosmetics, you likely use soap, shampoo, some kind of skin moisturizer, and deodorant on a regular basis. And while even natural beauties want to smell clean, the ingredients in some of these products could cause ugly consequences for your health. (Continue reading…)

Be a quitter

Ours is certainly a culture that promotes tenacity. Stick-to-it-iveness. “Winners never quit,” and all that. And in pursuit of our goals, we do need to keep going when we start to wobble. But sometimes letting go is the best choice for our well-being. (Continue reading…)

Plants for vitality

Unlike us, plants don’t have circulating antibodies or specialized immune cells to shield them from threats. To respond to their surroundings, plants have developed a variety of defense strategies to cope with a vast array of unfavorable conditions. (Continue reading…)

get your glow on

If your skin is looking dry and dull, it might be time to freshen up your skin care routine.. (Continue reading…)

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