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Why beeswax candles?
Why beeswax candles?

If you love candles, we don’t have to explain why we love candles. A candle flame can draw you in and help the troubles of the day to melt away. I’ve read that staring at a candle flame can help to open your third eye, which might partially explain why candles are...

Why personal care?
Why personal care?

When potentially nasty things are rubbed onto your skin, there is very little protection. Problematic ingredients by-pass all of our built-in detoxification systems and land swiftly in the blood stream. They float wherever they want and potentially wreak a lot of havoc along the way.

Why native plants?
Why native plants?

Now that we’re hearing about world-wide water shortages and diseases connected to the chemicals we eat, breathe and touch on a daily basis, it’s time to do things differently. The decline in our bee population (perhaps linked to those chemicals, but also because they...


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