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Q. What’s wrong with paraffin?

A. Paraffin is a petroleum by-product that releases toxins as it burns. These candles produce soot, and often contain “fragrances” that are made with hormone-disrupting chemicals like pthalates (say “thay-lates) – even if they have the word “natural” or even “essential oil” on the label. Please go here if you’d like to learn more. 

Q. Do you add fragrance to your beeswax candles?

A. Why would we? Beeswax gets its sweet, pure fragrance from pollen, honey, and propolis made from flowers and tree buds the bees brought to the hive. Each batch of Loving Earth candles has a unique honey-like fragrance that we hope you’ll love.

Q. Why can beeswax candles have different looks and smells?

A. Wax colour and aroma is unique to every batch because it’s impacted by the time of year and the variety of plants that the bee visits. In some cases, you might see very light beeswax, but this has been treated with bleach or other processes. At Loving Earth, we offer pure and clean wax, just as the local bees in southern Ontario have created it. In other words, our candles will range in colour from light to dark caramel – and every batch is a new experience!

Q. What is bloom?

A. Bloom is a dusty-looking, whitish film that appears on the surface of beeswax. It happens when softer oils in the beeswax rise to the surface, but it doesn’t impact how your candle burns. While many beeswax enthusiasts really enjoy bloom, if you’re not a fan you can remove it by gently buffing your candle with a nylon stocking or using warm air from your hair dryer – at a safe distance so you don’t melt the wax!

Bloom only appears on 100% beeswax candles, so you could say it’s a sign of quality. Your Loving Earth candles will eventually develop bloom – if you can resist burning them right away!

Q. Why do beeswax candles cost more?

A. This is a matter of getting what you pay for. Yes, beeswax candles can cost more than other options, but they also tend to burn substantially longer.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. No, we only ship within Canada. Part of our mission at Loving Earth is to reduce our reliance on goods that travel a great distance to get to us. For integrity, we have also chosen to limit how far we will send our goods. 

Q. Do you offer exchange or refund? 

A. No, we don’t offer exchanges or refunds on candles. If you have a problem with your order, please reach out so we can make it right.




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