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Jane + Lisa

Co-founders Jane Irwin and Lisa Petty share a decades-long friendship, an interest in healthy living, and a deep respect for Nature. This is us. We were happy to be photo-bombed by a bee.

Jane is a mother of three adult children, a nutrition expert, educator and reiki master. 

Lisa has two adult children. She earned a research doctorate in applied health science, and has been working in the natural health field for a few decades as an educator and writer. In 2006, she published a book on the dangers of toxins in personal care products. Lisa has also been a dedicated native gardener for close to a decade.

what is “loving earth” all about?

With a nod to the principles of native gardening (go here to learn more!), this project was born of an interest in creating our own soaps, body care, candles and other home care items using only ingredients and materials that originate in Canada.

Along with our concern about toxins in mass-produced products used for personal and home care, we’re also aware that many of us have lost connection with Nature and the rhythm of the Earth. This is the rhythm of seasons that show us when to sow and when to reap. It’s the rhythm of the rise and fall of the sun to gently shake us awake in the morning, and makes our eyelids heavy at night. It’s also the rhythm that comes from standing bare-foot on the grass: You may not feel the vibration, but you likely feel its effect as your heart opens and your cares melt – if only for a while.

And the Earth is so very generous. In summer, our senses bask in the scents and colours of plants and flowers in full-bloom, and the beginnings of fresh food from the ground. Fall brings us a bountiful harvest, along with the reminder that life is fleeting and precious. Winter allows us to go inward, to learn, and to rest. Spring, of course, is a time of renewal, and the opportunity to try what we have learned.

We could take it all for granted, or we could acknowledge that these gifts are acts of love.

And so we want to give back. We want to reduce the burden on the Earth caused by persistent chemicals in consumable products. We want to cut down on pollution caused by importing products and ingredients from around the globe. We want to support the native plants and pollinators including bees, birds, butterflies and insects that keep our ecosystem humming. In other words, we want to show the earth some love.

Because love is also a verb, we knew we had to do something. That’s how “loving earth” came to be. We wanted to put our intentions into action. (Plus, we love how it’s recripocal and truly believe the Earth loves us back.)

So here’s what we’re doing: we’re developing and perfecting consumable products we all need, using raw materials straight from Canadian farms. If you don’t know what we mean by this, take a mindwalk back in time. Imagine what it was like for indigenous Canadians and early settlers to Canada who created meals, medicine and home comforts using only the plants and herbs they harvested themselves or got through trade with other farmers. That’s us now.

(Full disclosure: We will be using modern conveniences like electricity, stoves, refrigerators and whatnot. We’re not that hard core – yet.)

We’d like to invite you to join us on the journey. We’ll be regularly blogging our progress, and letting you know our trials, tribulations, failures and successes along the way. We’ll share insights and tips from decades of research and experience in natural health care and native gardening. We’ll even explore ways we can add a little more love and magic into our lives.

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Jane + Lisa


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